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crime museum


my favorite part of the whole trip was going to the crime museum. trying to solve the mystery was very cool, i thought learning what type of finger print we have is really cool.  do you have arches, loops, or whorls? i have arches, what do you guys have?


last day of our weekend trip.


i am so blessed with the opportunity to go to washington dc with everyone and make new friends. i learned so much while i was down there that i found so interesting. i cant believe this weekend flew by, i didnt want it to end at all. thank you to everyone who made this trip a wonderful experience for me.

watching the sunset as the plane lands in boston.


Home sweet home

Home sweet home! Feels good but I truly had. Good time with my fellow fisher heads! A wonderful experience and now I can tell you guys what’s up in the hallway if I see you!



A costume some man word to get away with his crimes. Pretty crazy and cool lol


End of trip

“Open the window” it’s a dangerous smell from Nathalie


Marathon bombings

I can’t believe that the day after we visit the Newseum, with exhibits on the Oklahoma City bombing, the Unabomber, and 9/11 all on display that another relevant tragedy against America happens in our own city. Thank God we weren’t in Boston today, considering the marathon is the cities biggest annual event I’m sure I would’ve been there for at least a little while to check it out. It’s especially lucky considering how close the two explosions were to our own campus.

I can’t help but think that next year they’ll be an exhibit at the Newseum regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing.