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The Berlin Wall



A piece of history

A piece of history

So today we went to the Newseum, which focuses on American media and news history. On the ground floor of the museum there was an exhibit on the Berlin Wall. Ever since I was young I had been fascinated by the wall. Germany’s post war political environment, which was separated into two sections – West, and East after World War II, the Allies split up Germany into five sections – with the Western part of the country being under the control of the US and the UK and the East being under Soviet Control. Unfortunately for the citizens of Germany, after 1961 when the wall was erected the city was literally split into two factions. No one was allowed to cross the boundary that lay across the city, and guards were posted 24/7 around the DMZ to stop anyone from defecting.

Fortunately, in 1989 the wall was torn down by citizens after Reagan insisted that the Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev tear it down. People from both the East and West blocs came together to break down the stone wall and once again join together as a whole country again. The fall of the Berlin Wall stands in history as being one of the biggest events in world history, and more or less marked the decline of the Soviet Parties power after the 1980’s.


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