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I lived right outside of Boston my whole life and I have been living in Boston for the last 4 years.  Hearing about the bombings and watching the bombings was the scariest thing I have ever been through.  I never thought something like this could happen in my home, our home.  Thankfully, Bostonians are some of the strongest willed people in the world. I know that we will all come together and help each other mourn about that horrible day.  


Spiral Staircase


One of the beautiful marble  spiral staircases at the Supreme Court


Where the Jobs Are?

Our information session at the Washington Center was very eye opening to me.  I never realized working for the government or the private sector was even an option for me.  The benefits seemed great, especially paying up to $10,000 a year in student loans.  Learning that alone made me really consider this route.  I am doing more research about the options I may have and the types of jobs that are available and the opportunities seem endless.

The Crime Museum

The Crime Museum was definitely a highlight of the trip for me.  It was interactive which made it that much better.  It was fun snapping a picture in a line up, hacking into a safe, and we even escaped from jail.  The best part was doing the forensics lab.  We worked together, found Fred’s murders, and brought them to justice!

Cruel and Very Unusual Punishment

These torture devices were something I have never seen before, but thought were rather interesting.


This device was used for pirates.  People would put captured pirates in their to show a warning to other pirates of the consequences.


Head cages were used to hold the head into one place while the prisoner was tortured.  Their arms and legs would be tied down as well.Image


The Thumbscrew was a milder form of torture.  They would use this on prisoners when they needed a confession or more informartion.

Riding in Style


Ted Bundy and Bonnie and Clyde’s cars became just as infamous as their own stories and murders. Bundy’s beetle was a death trap he would lure his victims in his attractive 1968 Volkswagen Beetle. Bonnie and Clyde’s bullet-riddled car is also on display at the Crime museum. Seeing the bullet holes all over the side of the car really paints a picture in your imagination of their capture.

Final Day in D.C.

The last day in D.C. was a sad one to say, I definitely enjoyed the entire trip with everyone, I don’t think a trip could have ever been as fun as this. Everyone from Ms. Spencer to Janet Kuser and Kristen Sherman made the trip such a good time. I know for myself I was scared at the airport, because the events of the bombings in Boston just happened. I think the want to stay in D.C. became stronger not only for myself, but for everyone else as well. All I know is that regardless of those facts, I wish we were able to take another trip down again.